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Published: 2022-09-15

Government Policy in Preserving Cultural Heritage in North Aceh District

Syamsuddin Syamsuddin, Mauludi Mauludi, Tarmidi Tarmidi, Nurul Alyasin Ramadini, Zuruh Zun Natur


Social Function of Land in The Development and Acquisition of Land For Public Interest

Arvid Syahbuddin Januar, Faizatuluzmi Mardhiana, Amalia Anggita Cahyani, Titi Aisyah Dhaniarni


Analysis of Local Wisdom in Bima Community Marriage (Study of Socio-Cultural Values)

Amrin Amrin, Adi Priyono, Supriyanto Supriyanto, Nurrahmania Nurrahmania


Protection of Personal Data Information in Indonesia

Jonathan Brilliannata, Rofikotul Jamiilah, Haidar Talib


Sistem Kekerabatan dan Pengaruhnya Terhadap Hukum Waris Islam

Halimatul Maryani, Adawiyah Nasution, Dani Sintara, Bonanda Japatani Siregar


Legal Protection of Outsourced Workers on Outsourcing Agreements with Pt. X in Sidoarjo

Benita Dita Rezanti, Ghanisworo Ayu Pratiwi, Athifatul Wafirah, Satiti Hanifah, Sella Flatinaningtyas Ayu Lestari


Analysis of Women's Protection Law in Divorce Case

Santi, Rusdin Alauddin, Nam Rumkel


Analysis of Unsecured Loans (KTA) in terms of the Prudential Banking Principle

Noer Dini Camelia, Rifkah Romizah, Iftitah Dian Ukhrowi, Ihsyan Jani Syamsi


The Position of the Indonesian National Sports Committee (INSC) and the Indonesian Olympic Committee (IOC) in Indonesia

Gunawan Widjaja, Rizka Anindya Manjayani, Rianti Nurul Oktavia, Nur Ulfa Maulida, Elisabeth Purnama Massang, Rafa Zahirah Husein, Farrel Abiyu Ramadhana


Dive Into the Challenges of Law Enforcement of The Notary Code of Conduct in the Digital Age

Syauqina Maghfirah Salsabila, Dory Aprilya Subroto, Ninik Pratiwi


Constraints of Pamong Praja Police in Law Enforcement of Food Traders

Tri Lestari Hadiati, Darmawan Tri Budi Utomo, Dian Adi Saputra


Performance at the Directorate General of Politics and PUM, Ministry of Home Affairs

A. Annisa Nurul Ramadhani, H. Muh. Nur Sadik, Muhammad Rusdi


Education Of Sharing Culture In The 20th Ramadhan 1443 H – Upmi Share Ta'jil At Mamiyai Orphanage, Jalan Bromo, Medan City

Dewi Robiyanti, Imanuddin Siregar, Ismayani Ismayani, July Esther, Erwin Hamonangan Pane



Identification of Legal Aspects of the Environment and Patterns of Citizens' Awareness of Environmental Safety, Sustainability, and Balance

Budi Sulistiyo Nugroho, Irma Rachmawati Maruf, Adi Mursalin, B.M.A.S. Anaconda Bangkara, Endang Fatmawati



The Doctor ES's Liability for Filler Injecting Without Full Explanation in Informed Consent Causing Blindness in ADF Left Eye Judging

Dennis Saputra Trikadibusana, Isai Ronny Tanoko, Cynthia Sugandhy, Stefani Berliana Magdalena