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Published: 2023-04-28

Legal Protection for Women as Victims in the Criminal Action of Mugging in Medan City

Monica Sarah Sirait, Laris Perjuangan Tambunan, Yulkarnaini Siregar


Juridical Consequences and Legal Protection for Unregistered Waqf Land

Shendy Rianti Islamy, Audia Andini Ariputri, Belinda Soegijanto, Willy Democitta Tanaya


Procurement of Government Goods and Services in Surabaya City: A Juridical Analysis of Business Contracts

Tifany Eka Prastya, Rachma Fitriyanti Nasri, Maulidina Nafiah Guntoro, Libita Ayu Annisa Sativa


Legal Review of the Performance of Firefighters and Rescue Workers in Deli Serdang

Sunardi Petrus Sembiring, Heriansyah Heriansyah, Dewi Robiyanti